Pain Meditation. Guided Meditation Video For Pain Relief.

Meditation and Mindfulness can help with pain relief. Ease your body with this guided pain meditation for inner and outer health.

Whether you are dealing with an acute injury or chronic pain, Mindfulness and Meditation can help ease your symptoms. Don’t believe me?! Its TRUE.

Mindfulness meditation has been shown in clinical trials to reduce chronic pain by 57 percent. Accomplished meditators can reduce it by over 90 percent. (CRAZY ISNT IT?!) If you want to learn how to use mindfulness and meditation to better cope with pain, this article is just for you.

Have you ever had to cope with pain?

There are two main kinds of physical pain: chronic and acute. Chronic pain is often defined as any kind of pain that persists for 12 weeks or more, such as arthritis. Acute pain arises suddenly and is usually the result of an injury or other identifiable cause, such as toothache.

Mindfulness meditation shows us that it is possible to remain aware of the pain we are experiencing in the present moment without having to accept or reject it. It also teaches us that everything changes, and that even in the midst of chronic pain there are periods of emotional and physical well-being. As we begin exploring and working with our current situation, we discover that part of our problem with pain is that — quite naturally — we want to escape it. This reluctance to accept our experience causes even more suffering. But we don’t have to reject our reality. As the famous saying goes, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

An article in Psychology Today. explains: “For people with chronic pain, there is a direct correlation between negative thinking and the level of pain they experience. It’s a vicious circle wherein pain triggers negative thoughts and self-talk which translate to feelings that coincide with suffering, and increases muscle tension and stress, which in turn, amplify the pain signals, triggering more of them.” The author goes on to suggest that training in acceptance strategies and mindfulness-based practices can make a world of difference.

This guided pain meditation is designed to be used to help you if you are in pain or dealing with chronic pain. While we can’t meditate our pain away, and meditation is definitely not a cure for pain, there are absolutely benefits from meditating while you’re experiencing pain. These can include:

  • Acceptance of the pain as it is right now, recognizing that it could change
  • Becoming aware of other parts of our body that aren’t experiencing pain
  • Noticing that pain changes in sensation; sometimes it is more intense and sometimes it is less intense and realizing that pain isn’t static

In this 12 minute meditation I will lead you through a gentle awareness of the pain you are experiencing and encourages you to find an acceptance towards it. We will move through a brief body scan and positive affirmations to help you find peace with your pain. The exercises are meant to aid symptoms of chronic pain and fatigue. You are encouraged to soften your resistance to what you’re experiencing, and to find acceptance of your whole body, both the comfortable and uncomfortable parts. This is so not easy, as we definitely have the inclination to reject the painful, tired parts of ourselves when they occur. But the I will talk about this being something to practice, not something most of us will get right away.

All you need to get started is a comfortable place to sit or lie down. Choose a posture that works for your body in which you can be aware, awake, and practice. As always, check with your doctor or physical therapist before starting this or any exercise. This video does not replace medical treatment or advice.

Ready to inhale, exhale, and let some pain go? Press play and lets do this together now.

Pain Meditation. Guided Meditation For Pain Relief Video

Thanks for joining me for this pain meditation! How do you feel? Let me know in the comments below.

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Meditation is just like anything in health and fitness: it only works if you are CONSISTENT. So even when it feels awkward, uncomfortable, or weird to practice: KEEP SHOWING UP. Use this guided meditation video playlist to help you. If you practice meditation consistently for more than a month, I am positive you WILL see massive health and pain relief benefits. So TRY it. Meditate daily or a couple times a week. Make it part of your regular routine. And after you’ve been at it for at least 30 days, message me and let me know what results you experience. Id love to hear how meditation helps you in your life.

Here for you to help you heal, grow, and live your best. Enjoy the meditation practice. Inhale, exhale, REPEAT!



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Originally published at on July 22, 2019.



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